My first 10 days with a Rolleiflex film camera.

Having shot with 35mm film I was keen to give 120mm medium format film a crack. About a year ago I saw the ‘Finding Vivian Maier’ documentary about the OG street photographer who shot on a Rolleiflex (watch the doc if you haven’t seen it, it’s awesome). The images she took on the camera had a depth and clarity that I hadn’t really seen before so I was chomping at the bit to give this camera a whirl. After finding a good deal overseas on a 1953 Rollei I couldn’t resist. Have a read below on the basics of shooting with this and check out the photos from my first 10 days of shooting with it.

The Rolleiflex I chose was made in 1953 and is a medium format twin lens reflex (TLR) and the shooting lens is an 80mm f2.8. It set me back about $1200NZD and I managed to snag it in a crazy old camera store in Shanghai. Over the first 10 days of shooting, I chose to shoot on a mixture of Kodak Portra, Etkar and Ilford film. When shooting I use the ‘light meter-pro’ iPhone app to get my exposure correct, it can be a bit of a pain but its worth it to get accurate exposures.

I used Photo Warehouse on Great North Road Auckland to develop my film, it took about a week and cost around $140 for 5 rolls. I took the camera around with me on a few client shoots and around the office over the past 10 days, check out the images below. Enjoy.

ms_rolliflex__0005_Layer 2
ms_rolliflex__0006_Layer 1
ms_rolliflex__0002_Layer 5
ms_rolliflex__0003_Layer 4
ms_rolliflex__0004_Layer 3
ms_rolliflex__0000_Layer 7
ms_rolliflex__0001_Layer 6
ms_rolliflex_0017_Layer 9
ms_rolliflex_0018_Layer 8
ms_rolliflex_0013_Layer 13
ms_rolliflex_0014_Layer 12
ms_rolliflex_0015_Layer 11
ms_rolliflex_0016_Layer 10
ms_rolliflex_0008_Layer 18
ms_rolliflex_0009_Layer 17
ms_rolliflex_0010_Layer 16
ms_rolliflex_0011_Layer 15
ms_rolliflex_0012_Layer 14
ms_rolliflex_0005_Layer 21
ms_rolliflex_0006_Layer 20
ms_rolliflex_0007_Layer 19
ms_rolliflex_0002_Layer 24
ms_rolliflex_0003_Layer 23
ms_rolliflex_0004_Layer 22
ms_rolliflex_0000_Layer 26
ms_rolliflex_0001_Layer 25