A journey through Indonesia.

Like many, I flatline at home in the cold of the New Zealand winters. While watching my fifth Islamic Circle Dancing video (highly recommended), the urge to go back to Indonesia quietly tickled the back of my mind like a 90’s anthem on that NOW 5 CD. The goal being to skip a few months of the grey seasons, and document it all so I can make a killer scrapbook for the grandkids. When I return, people will question whether I had my hair tips frosted (ode to J.T), or attended some rigorous sun bed sessions.

Throw four thin & pale city kids in a seething mass of world class surf, parties, and over-confident locals, the bar yarns write themselves. Reef cuts (scooter grazes) down the arms make it easy for one of the fellas to spin a few shameless lines to that pretty lady across the room with her corn braids and harem pants – they just ain’t gonna mention that night spent curled naked around the toilet, slurring to the god(s) above that they’ll never drink another ‘Tanger again.

A documented journey through Indonesia, and the moments in between.

Shot on a Canon 5d MKIII w/ 50mm 1.4 Lens.