Motion Sickness Adventures – Tanzania

Located on the Eastern coast of Africa, Tanzania is one of the most sought after destinations for safari adventures. My family and I were lucky enough to travel there this past January. We spent a few weeks journeying around various national parks across the country, finishing the trip washed up on the shores of Zanzibar.

Small 10 – 20 seat planes would fly us between the various national parks. During one transition, we were brought to a small village on the outskirts of a township, where a group of Maasai tribe’s people had set-up their village. Speaking their own unique Maasai language, not even our broken Swahili could help us to communicate. They were an extremely inviting and friendly bunch, and took great pride in showing us around their village, and to their local marketplace, at which they sell hand-made jewellery to passing tourists, like ourselves.

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