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Karen Walker x Blunt Umbrellas Campaign

Karen Walker and Blunt Umbrellas are a match made in sartorial heaven. We were tasked with creating a digital campaign to get these puppies selling. The plan: to create a set of abstract and intriguing but beautifully crafted content pieces to catch the eye, with a killer back-end strategy to get it in front of the right people. It was felt that the creative content needed to have a dream-like quality to reflect the abstract design of the product, and the often surreal experience of being in your own world under a Blunt umbrella. Then, using this beautiful content, we would leverage social media through strategic advertising and direct response ads to drive demand and ultimately see umbrellas fly off online-store shelves.

The chosen location for the shoot was the unparalleled Gibbs Farm. This surreal setting would give us an opportunity to place the product in a grandiose and unique landscape. It’s here that we shot a brand video, a series of social video edits, and a photography set for the campaign. We shot the still campaign on a Canon Mk4 with Sigma lenses and the video content on Sony A7 and Sony FS7.

Karen Walker x Blunt Umbrellas

The Karen Walker Babou Blunt Umbrella. It’s kind of heavenly.

Posted by BLUNT Umbrellas on Friday, 5 May 2017

Blunt X Karen Walker

The limited edition Karen Walker 'Babou' Blunt umbrella is here! And It’s kind of heavenly. Get yours now

Posted by BLUNT Umbrellas on Thursday, 4 May 2017

Our sales-focused social ads went so damned well, we sold out of all Karen Walker x Blunt Umbrellas online in just 5 days.These ads used a variety of techniques to reach a particularly relevant audience on social media. We were able to track individual ‘brolly purchases back to specific ads/pieces of content, see which were performing best, and see the exact return on every dollar spent.