Dogstagram 101.

We like dogs. The natural progression from there is a blog post detailing 10 of the best quality doggy Instagram accounts that everyone should follow. We like dogs. But this post also outlines how some owners have used social media to monetise their obsession with their pets, sort of. But mainly, we like dogs. Dogs.

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10. @renecharlesnyc | 63.7K FOLLOWERS | NEW YORK, USA
The sassiest French Bulldog in the big apple kicks off our list. Rene-Charles’ hobbies include looking down on other people, fashion, and social climbing. Favourite quote: “If the scarf doesn’t match the shoes, I’ll vomit on your carpet.”

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9. @tazzydw2 | 25K FOLLOWERS | WISCONSIN, USA
Not the most famous account on Instagram, but very genuine and definitely up there in the looks department. Tazzy regularly hangs out with, and humps, top lad Milo.

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8. @mollythenewfie | 52.3K FOLLOWERS | TEXAS, USA
These three look like absolute trouble. The account features two Newfoundlands (pretty much bears) and one Pomeranian. Some of their favourite pastimes include scaring small children from the car window, and attending a Texas event called “Newfapalooza” – don’t ask. While they might look scary, newfies are more like teddy bears than actual bears.

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7. @thedogist | 2M FOLLOWERS | NEW YORK, USA
This account is pretty much Humans of New York, without the rollercoaster of emotions. And with dogs instead of people. The Dogist provides a favourable mix of dog photography and dog variety, set against a New York City backdrop.

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Maru is a constantly smiling, 2.5 year-old Husky/Panda/Seal. Recently securing a lucrative deal with Barkbox, Maru is the talk of the very exclusive Canadian-Instagram-Dog scene. A scene which we estimate consists of at least 5 people.

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5. @we.are.rilee.and.winston | 6.5K FOLLOWERS | CANADA (WE THINK)
What these twin Bernese Mountain Dogs lack in followers, they make up for in banter. These up-and-comers on the Dogstagram scene aren’t even 12 months old yet, so we’re watching them closely. However rumours are circulating that the pair might break up after Rilee farted and allegedly blamed Winston, we’ll keep you updated.

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A true Instagram celeb, this poor bugger changes outfits more often than that Kardashian lady. Being one of the most famous dogs on Instagram has provided huge benefits for his owner, with people actually paying money to meet him. Not to mention the full range of merchandise available on itsdougthepug.comincluding a Doug the Pug Mug. When asked to comment on his success, Doug walked backwards in a circle and shat.

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3. @digbyvanwinkle | 290K FOLLOWERS | WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND
Some strong local talent features at number three. Digby and Aloysius Van Winkle’s owner has monetised the pooches by creating an etsy store. These guys dress up a lot, and are the correct breed to use when re-creating those Ewok things from star wars.

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2. @the_blueboys | 232K FOLLOWERS | BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
Darren and Phillip (“Dazza” and “Philly”, probably) are a couple of the most ridiculously photogenic Staffys to ever be dressed in pyjamas. We particularly like the fact that their owners are trying to change public perception of the breed and support rescues around the world. Darren and Phillip branded dog clothing coming soon.


1. @samandrocky | 95 FOLLOWERS | AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND
These guys were obviously going to make first place. Often seen drooling around the Motion Sickness Studio, these two Boxers enjoy long runs at the beach, sticks, snoring, and farting. Having been on hiatus for a while due to Macca forgetting their Instagram password, they’re back on the gram and better than ever with some brand new staff photos.

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  • Jeff smee says:

    I love it all. Especially the Bernese mountain pups!!! And obviously Sam & rocky my two main doggies